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Art Work Published in 100 Artists of Male Form

Alexandra G is humble and very proud to be published again with – Icarus – Descent, in the Winter 2011 edition of  The Art of Man, edited by E. Gibbins who produced 100 Artists of The Male Figure

Dear Friends,

Fall of Icuras painting

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I wanted to share with you a special event. My artwork has been included in the new book 100 Artists of the Male Figure by E. Gibbons: This is the very first hard-cover book, EVER, dedicated to living artists of the contemporary male figure in traditional media like painting, drawing and sculpture. This book includes NO photography, NO digital imagery or cartoons, and NO erotic work; just beautiful works of painting, drawing and sculpture.

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The visual variety of the male form in this new book is astounding in its diversity, representing artists from all over the globe.

It includes the photorealist works by Parisian artist Jacques Sultana to the highly abstracted paintings by Iranian artist Mohsen Irani and encompasses the Pop inspired images of Tokyo artist Cauro Hige to Surrealist works by Québec’s Jean Chaîney.

The breadth of this book is a delight and a feast for the eyes with over 400 full colour images from 99 remarkable artists and of course, myself.

I have been included as one of only six other female artists. These artists are all based in the US which leaves me as the only female artist representing the rest of the world. I feel humble and proud.

I hope you enjoy it, much love to you all

About Alexandra G

Alexandra G is known for vibrant and dramatic use of colour in all her subjects, often created in 'Impasto' (paint applied heavily) for texture, and even sometimes incorporating paper or fabric for effect. Alexandra has been artistic all her life, an inherent gift from both her parents. Her varied career began with commissioned artwork before progressing to produce original clothing and working in professional musical theatre as set and costume designer. Alexandra G has taught every form of art and enjoys the use of different print and media. Her work is exhibited in galleries nationwide, particularly London where she has attained international recognition. Large collection of Male Art, Female Art and Impasto Artwork.

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