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Sensual lady in a beautiful pose

Inspiration behind Dressing for Opera

This beautiful sensual photograph taken by my daughter Vanessa, of Katie-Lou, was my inspiration for ‘Dressing for the Opera’. Thank you Katie-Lou.  

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Painting of men drinking in bar

Cheers – Inspiration for Wise Mans Bar Painting

Ten years ago this painting sold from the Adonis Gallery in London to a customer in Mooresville Indiana USA.  It was a fun painting to create and thought I would try something similar again with ‘Wise Man’s Bar’. I always enjoy painting a crowd with all the different characters.

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Velvet village inspiration

Velvet Village – Inspiration for Boudoir

This photograph of Stephanie Rose taken by my daughter for The Velvet Village was my inspiration for ‘Boudoir’. I loved the pose, composition and colour, what makes a good photograph doesn’t necessarily make a good painting, something we don’t always know until we start. With ‘Boudoir’, use of colour, angles, & background needed to be […]

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Alexandra G with our professional printing team john's framing service (John and Kelly)

Art Exhibition

The paintings follow the tale of an unknown girl pulled from the River Seine around the turn of the 20th Century. Legend has it that the morgue attendant was so taken with her enigmatic smile that he took a mask of her face, which became a talking point throughout the salons of Europe. The story […]

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Vermeer's Girl with a pearl Earring, painted nearly 350 years ago

Helen Kirk’s Diploma review of ‘The Earring’ compared to Vermeers ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’

Advanced Diploma Fine Arts 2009 – by Helen Kirk Review 5 / the Earring 2008 – Alexandra G Foreword by Alexandra G Helen Kirk is an Artist friend from the PIL website and I was very honoured that she chose to write her diploma work on one of my paintings. Please find below a copy of […]

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Picture of Alexandra G Painting in her art gallery

Inside my Art Gallery

Heres the 1st picture of me painting inside my gallery. Behind me you can see a mixture of my original art work and Giclee Canvas prints. All these are available to purchase in our art gallery shop. Or if you would like to come and visit please contact us

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