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Sensual lady in a beautiful pose

Inspiration behind Dressing for Opera

This beautiful sensual photograph taken by my daughter Vanessa, of Katie-Lou, was my inspiration for ‘Dressing for the Opera’. Thank you Katie-Lou.  

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Painting of men drinking in bar

Cheers – Inspiration for Wise Mans Bar Painting

Ten years ago this painting sold from the Adonis Gallery in London to a customer in Mooresville Indiana USA.  It was a fun painting to create and thought I would try something similar again with ‘Wise Man’s Bar’. I always enjoy painting a crowd with all the different characters.

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Velvet village inspiration

Velvet Village – Inspiration for Boudoir

This photograph of Stephanie Rose taken by my daughter for The Velvet Village was my inspiration for ‘Boudoir’. I loved the pose, composition and colour, what makes a good photograph doesn’t necessarily make a good painting, something we don’t always know until we start. With ‘Boudoir’, use of colour, angles, & background needed to be […]

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Vermeer's Girl with a pearl Earring, painted nearly 350 years ago

Helen Kirk’s Diploma review of ‘The Earring’ compared to Vermeers ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’

Advanced Diploma Fine Arts 2009 – by Helen Kirk Review 5 / the Earring 2008 – Alexandra G Foreword by Alexandra G Helen Kirk is an Artist friend from the PIL website and I was very honoured that she chose to write her diploma work on one of my paintings. Please find below a copy of […]

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canal street impasto art work

Canal Street – Feedback from Paintings I love

“I have come to the conclusion you have a rather large wardrobe in which you stash these gorgeous models. (more…)

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Sensual image of erotic lady sheer delight

Sheer Delight – Feedback from Paintings I love

My she is so beautiful! I love that dress! (more…)

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Fall of Icuras

Art Work Published in 100 Artists of Male Form

Alexandra G is humble and very proud to be published again with – Icarus – Descent, in the Winter 2011 edition of  The Art of Man, edited by E. Gibbins who produced 100 Artists of The Male Figure Dear Friends, I wanted to share with you a special event. My artwork has been included in the […]

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