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SoJie 5 Juried Invitational Exhibition July 2010

Overall Winner – Alexandra G – The Earring

The 5th Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble, celebrated sixty-two artists and sixty-five works in the digital, traditional, and photographic arts.
the-earring-by-alexandra-gA panel of 3 Nominators were challenged to search the 39,000-image gallery, and from that, invite select works for exhibition. Nominators were chosen, based on their considerable expertise in one of the three categories.

There were 24 Traditional, 22 Photographic, and 19 Digital works in the show, representing 62 artists. Three artists each had two works exhibited, having been invited by two different nominators.

Twenty-two countries were represented in this truly international show, including two that represent “homeland”, but not current residence.

Judges awarded 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital, Traditional, and Photographic Arts. The work with the highest score was awarded Best in Show, besides a category first place.

The Awards Day was Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 around noon, New York time.

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