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Where did Art begin? | Alexandra G

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Where did Art begin?

Where did Art begin?

A lot of people ask me about the history of art and it’s origins…

History of Art in 30seconds (Maybe less if you read quickly)

Cave of Altamira known as the Sistine Chapel of the cave painting, near Santander, Spain.

As we know, the first form of art was ‘cave art’ – simple outlines of animals and people painted using pigments of iron or manganese oxides which would make yellow, red and black. Then, in Egypt around 300 BC, natural ochres (browns and yellows), ground malachite (greens), and lapis lazuli (blue), were used to paint on the walls of tombs. People were painted flat – two dimensional – but the more important the person, the bigger they were painted!

However, all was to change – in 500 BC a Greek jug  painter painted a foot from the front and totally revolutionised art!! Good man!

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