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Meet the artist

Alexandra has a passion for creating glamorous works of art with a strong rich vibrant use of colour. Offering quality, diversity and relatable pieces that connect to heart and soul. The true self.

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Meet The Artist

A little more about the artist

I have been an artist all of my life, an inherent gift from both my parents. Along my artistic journey I have also taught, produced original clothing and worked in professional musical theatre as a set and costume designer.


These have influenced and enhanced my enthusiasm for creating beautiful glamorous work with a strong rich vibrant use of colour. 

Alexandra G.jpg

I always hope to achieve a piece of artwork that either tells a story, depicts a mood or captures a moment. I enjoy using oil paint, often applied thickly with a palette knife, or acrylic where paper can sometimes be added to create a collage.


I have a passion for painting the human form and it was through the Adonis Art Gallery in London that I first attained international recognition and was thrilled to be one of only six female artists in the world chosen to have art published in the pioneering book ‘100 Artists of the Male Figure’ celebrating the male form.

I also firmly believe everyone has a right to be true to themselves, so therefore respecting all sexualities and ethnicity - I endeavour to offer quality, diverse and relatable art.


My qualifications were attained through the ‘University of Life’ enabling me to channel experience, passion and emotion into an image on canvas - a gift emerging from my very soul, from my heart.

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